Why on earth would you choose the name “Silverfire”?

I don’t actually know. I’d need a time machine to go ask my 13-year-old self why it seemed like a cool name.

Sick of Geocities and other free hosting of the late 90s, I was one of a small legion of teenagers who bought domains with cute names, joined webrings, hosted other teenagers’ websites, and built a small community. It was social media before there really was social media. When Blogger came on the scene, we created group blogs. WordPress hadn’t even been invented yet (fun fact: one of my hostees, Elissa, went to high school with one of the guys who invented WordPress. She is now an amazing wedding photographer).

We all faded away as we entered the college years and became too busy to redesign and perfect layouts using the images of our favorite movie/rockstar/idol.

Unlike many of my compatriots, I felt an obligation to renew the domain name every year. I’ve owned various other sites over the years, but this one has an overwhelming sense of nostalgia tied to it. (Plus, if I hold on to this—despite not remembering how the name originated—I don’t have to think of a new, creative name.)

Who are you?

I’m Lindsay, a substitute teacher and freelance digital strategist living in Cecil County, Maryland. I moved here in 2011 to live with my now-husband, Dan. I’ve worked in marketing for a small liberal arts school, but these days I’m in the classroom whenever I can be. When I’m home, I’m usually hanging out with our dog, Pugsley.

I also can be found out in the community as the Secretary of the Cecil County Democratic Central Committee. I love volunteering with the Democrats even though our county is pretty red. It keeps me busy!

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